Kitchen design

One of the areas which gives added value to your residence is certainly the kitchen, especially if it corresponds to the latest design trends. It is one of the best returns on investment. If the value of your property is important to you, it is worth it to renovate this area with a team of professionals.

The kitchen, once exclusively used for the preparation of meals, became over the years a gathering spot. Indeed, this central area of your household should reflect the style of your family.

More popular than ever, the central island is increasingly appreciated by customers who use it both for the preparation of meals or receptions. This area is ideal for entertaining your guests and prepare drinks!

By demanding quality materials, you will further increase its value and will have a new environment worthy of a decoration magazine!

Call on our team of experts to develop a kitchen to your liking, according to your requirements and to the latest trends.

Several inspiring models will give you glimpse of what we can achieve. A well designed kitchen will take in account the lifestyle of family members and its elements will be able to meet their specific needs.

Our professional and experienced team can develop a custom plan for you.

Bathroom design

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a high value added area where it is lucrative to invest.

Bathroom needs have evolved over time. Increasingly associated with relaxation and a growing interest in Nordic spas, the bathroom has become synonymous with amenities, comfort and ambience of relaxation.

We will help you to redefine or renovate your bathroom. Selected quality materials will satisfy your needs and ensure the durability of your installations for many years.

Project management

Our team has the expertise to take on your projects. You can count on our professionals to work in collaboration with you throughout the process. Good work coordination is essential to avoid any error during the project.

Our team is committed to your satisfaction; it will make sure to meet all your needs and will make every effort necessary to complete the project on schedule.

Interior design service

At Cuisine Mélabois, you can also benefit from an optional service in interior design and home staging. Indeed, you can use our interior decorator services.

Nicole Goulet, professional graduate of Collège Lionel-Groulx, passionate about decoration for more than 20 years and with many satisfied customers, will make your newly designed or renovated areas shine.

Attentive to the needs of its customers, she offers a personalized approach. She places great importance on the harmony of the décor and the particular style you want to give to your residence. We are confident that her services will satisfy you. For information or an estimate, please contact us.