Products - Kitchen cabinets

Cuisines Mélabois offers several models of cabinet doors, all more attractive than the other. The aesthetics of the overall project is important and the best way to enhance it is to use original and quality materials. Here is a range of products available for your projects:


Wood is a noble product that is still popular. Its numerous species and patinas fit perfectly any project as they create a warm atmosphere. It is an always popular material that remains fashionable through the years. For a classic, warm or modern style, wood integrates perfectly with any design for renovation.


Rough Chic

This Scandinavian-inspired product is a Miralis exclusivity. It is similar to wood by its textured appearance but distinguished by a naturally worn look. This is a quality product also offered in laminate. For an original "cottage in the countryside" look, this product is your choice.



A product most popular because of its versatility and the brilliance it gives to a room, the lacquer harmonizes with other materials to create a modern and bright look. This product is available in smooth or opaque finish. For elegant and uncluttered aesthetic, lacquer is the choice of many designers. It comes in several hues which adds to its versatility.



Similaque is a product which has the advantage to reflect light in your room. In matte or gloss finish, it is the flagship product of 'fusion' cuisine where we find two types of material to create a distinctive, very contemporary effects. Just like lacquer, this product is easy to maintain. Play with textures and colors by integrating a design in similaque to your project for a guaranteed 'wow' effect!



Laminate appeals to many people for its practical maintenance aspect. New products on the market are more trendy and adapt very well to contemporary styles. In addition to melamine, one may also find polyester and polymer (acrylic). This material is non-toxic, durable and has the advantage to retain its shine and color over the years. It is also resistant to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation and moisture. This material is very popular for contemporary kitchens with an uncluttered look. Because of its price, laminate remains an affordable and utilitarian material. It is also less expensive than lacquer.


European Laminate

This laminate, only recently available on the North American market, stands out for its strength and durability. Its Zen and sleek appearance complements well contemporary décors. Its appearance is similar to laminate. Just like other types of laminate, it remains easy to maintain. It is also appreciated for its natural-looking texture that blends easily with other finishing products. European laminate is a malleable product on which almost any pattern can be replicated using a press and a matrix. Once applied, the cabinet door is fully sealed, which gives unsurpassable resistance. It is a very interesting and affordable product.


Exotic Wood

Exotic wood is a sustainable product that comes in several types. The denser the wood, the more its shock resistance is assured. Exotic wood types distinguish themselves by their grain and give a lot of personality to your room. It is very versatile adapting itself perfectly to different styles be it a rural residence or a contemporary modern house favoring sleek lines.

Exotic wood gives a warm appearance, is devoid of resin and allows you to create interesting visual effects. It offers rich hues. Combined with other materials, it will enhance your kitchen every time.

A remarkably beautiful, exotic wood will give a chic and neat look to your kitchen.

Solid Wood and Veneer

This product is an interesting alternative for those who want to take advantage of the beauty of natural wood at an affordable price. Sustainable development aficionados will be delighted by this product because it allows to significantly reduce the quantity of wood used. Indeed, the plating process uses only a thin slice of real wood that is glued on a MDF panel (low density material). You have the choice between a multitude of motifs and grain of wood such as oak, ash, walnut, cherry, maple, etc.

For a fraction of the price, your kitchen cabinets will have as much stature that if they were designed in solid wood.