Why Mélabois?

Superior Quality
Cuisines Mélabois is synonym of "superior quality”! Whether for customer service or craftsmanship, quality is always assured. For a project allying elegance and functionality, call on our team! You will enjoy a unique and personalized service. Relying on their experience of over 30 years, you will be in good hands.


"Tailor-Made" Productions.

With Mélabois, production is tailor-made according to your requirements for outstanding results. No off-the-shelf or generically made products will ever be considered. You will get a professional looking production tailored to your needs. We pay close attention to all the little details that make a great production.

Heart-winning every time!

Throughout the planning phase, you will have the opportunity to view the project and to make the desired changes until the final plan suits you. Thanks to our software of virtual presentation, it will be easy for you to imagine the finished product even before the start of  work.

Entrust us with your project and enjoy a turnkey solution. It will be our pleasure to create your custom design and oversee all steps leading to the final product.

At Cuisine Mélabois, quality is paramount and your satisfaction is our priority!



Cuisine Mélabois  is a company founded in 1985 by Daniel Deschamps and Alain Deschamps, who are the co-owners. This company specializes in the creation and the renovation of kitchens and bathrooms of all types. Thanks to their experience, you can count on them to take charge of your kitchen and bathroom projects.